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Option Price Precision Changes – 2019 OCT 23

Effective Wednesday, October 23, 2019 certain Futures options quotes will gain an additional digit of precision. UA users will need to refresh the database history for the affected data sets.
Click here for instructions.
CSI symbols affected :

Precision Change: Whole Values to 10ths
816LRCRobusta Coffee

Precision Change: 100ths to 1000ths
25SFSwiss Franc
26BPBritish Pound
64CDCanadian Dollar
66ADAustralian Dollar
174FLGLong Gilt
404DAClass III Milk

Precision Change: 64ths to 64ths and 10ths
44US US T-Bonds
1507UL2 Ultra T-Bonds
150TY 10 Year T-Note
1905TC110 Year T-Note Week 1
1906TC210 Year T-Note Week 2
1907TC310 Year T-Note Week 3
1908TC410 Year T-Note Week 4
1909TC510 Year T-Note Week 5
1910UT1Ultra T-Bond Week 1
1911UT2Ultra T-Bond Week 2
1912UT3Ultra T-Bond Week 3
1913UT4Ultra T-Bond Week 4
1914UT5Ultra T-Bond Week 5
1915CG130 Year T-Bond Week 1
1916CG230 Year T-Bond Week 2
1917CG330 Year T-Bond Week 3
1918CG430 Year T-Bond Week 4
1919CG530 Year T-Bond Week 5
20273TNUltra 10 Year T-Note