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Portfolio Updates


The following portfolios are provided to facilitate Unfair Advantage users’ use of third party software. Please save to “c:\ua\archives\portfile.adm”.

Natural Order®
One Day at a Time® for Futures
One Day at a Time® for Stocks
eDelta for Futures
Omnitrader® Futures
Omnitrader® Stocks
TradersStudio® Futures
TradersStudio® Futures & Stocks
TradersStudio® Stocks
TradersStudio® ETFs
Trading Blox™ Futures
Trading Blox™ Stocks
Trading Blox™ Forex
Trading System Lab ®
Vantage Point® Version 8.0
Vantage Point® Version 8.1
Vantage Point® Version 8.2
Vantage Point® Version 8.3
Vantage Point® Version 8.4
Vantage Point® Version 8.7

High Liquidity S&C
FOREX Sample
COT Sample
Stock Index Portfolio
Sample Commodity Portfolio
Sample Stock Portfolio

Unfair Advantage® Version: