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Billing FAQ

Question: Can I pay my invoice by credit card?
Answer: Yes, you can pay on line through our secure web site here.

Question: What is the billing cycle?
Answer: The Billing Cycle is based on a calendar month and monthly customers are billed after the month is collected.

Question: When should I cancel my account?
Answer: It is best to do it on the 1st of a month since this begins a new billing cycle.

Question: Where can I find my ID on my invoice?
Answer: The ID is located underneath the invoice number in the top right hand corner.

Question: Where can I find you instructions for paying by wire transfer?
Answer: Email us at or click here to navigate to the “Contact Us” page. We would be more than happy to email your back with all the details.

Question: Once my yearly package expires will it automatically be canceled?
Answer: Unless we receive notice of cancellation, an invoice for the new year will be sent out.