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Trading Software for Backtesting, Automated Trading and Technical Analysis

MultiCharts is a professional technical analysis and automated trading software, featuring professional charting, advanced analytics, strategy optimization and backtesting. With MultiCharts, you gain the chart analysis, trading strategies, back testing and order execution options needed to help you succeed your trading goals.

Our automated trading platform is EasyLanguage®-Friendly. This means you can use MultiCharts trading software immediately without needing to learn another language, and quickly and easily access a wealth of research and analyses.


Trading Software

VantagePoint Intermarket Analysis Software

CSI has provided the required market data needs of Market Technologies, (MT), an Inc. 500 Company that specializes in market forecasting for futures, FOREX, and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) for a couple of decades. The MT website states that the accuracy of their market forecasts reaches as high as 80%. MT was founded in 1979 by Louis Mendelsohn, CEO, who visited Bob Pelletier, CSI’s founder here in Boca Raton FL circa. 1982 before launching his popular market trading product.

Lou rightly emphasizes the powers of Inter-market Technical Analysis when selecting promising trading opportunities. Consider visiting MT’s website ( for more informative and exciting details about their products.





TradeStation is a Windows based techincal analysis software suite for traders. It uses a built in proprietary programming language called EasyLanguage. It is professional grade but is mostly used by small investment operations, as large operations typically have their own software.