Market Data Unfair Advantage Posting Status Robert 2016

UA version 2.9.3

No longer available for download.

First Listed: 4/3/2006
Released: 6/15/2006

Known problems (Not fixed in this version)

  1. Creating large portfolios in MS Format is very time consuming relative to the compatible CSIM format.
  2. AmiBroker updates creates gaps when UA is updated infrequently.
  3. Program Changes
  4. Loading of saved chart files now works correctly.
  5. Position Manager can now display prices in points.
  6. TSPE now computes the system statistic Maximum Closed Drawdown correctly.
  7. Stocks symbols may now be up to 20 characters in length up from 8 (6 in use).
  8. Corrections are properly processed.
  9. Automatic database backup now works correctly.
  10. Excel appending of computed contract data now rolls correctly.
  11. The Excel format now always shows a header line, but no longer needs to have Excel installed.