Market Data Unfair Advantage Posting Status Robert 2016

UA version 2.10.1

No Longer Available.

First Listed: 11/30/2006
Released: 4/12/2007

Known problems (Not fixed in this version)

  1. Creating large portfolios in MS Format is very time consuming relative to the compatible CSIM format.
  2. Ascii format is not compatible with Tradestation 2000i import.
  3. UA is unable to operate without an Internet connection when the uncompressed database is turned on. As a workaround, log into the Internet temporarily and turn off the uncompressed database by using the menu Preferences. Choose “UA Behavior 1”. Then uncheck “Uncompress the database for faster daily distribution”.
  4. The API function RetrievePerpetualContract does not work.

Program Changes

  1. The stlp45.dll and stlpmt45.dll are now correctly included.
  2. The standard/Fortran back adjuster does receive the correct parameters from your portfolio.
  3. Delayed Quotes correctly apply to build portfolio files.
  4. User modifications/edits of the parameters supplied to the internal studies are no longer ignored.
  5. Studies work even if UA installed into a folder with a space in the name.
  6. The EzDownloader correctly appends data to portfolio files.
  7. Added Portfolio setting to raise the high price by one tick when the open, high, low, and close are all the same number.
  8. The Portfolio menu option to change the format to Excel format now works.
  9. Added API function to allow downloading to wait for identified release and/or partial distribution of data.
  10. Added option to Selecting Data Series dialog to allow months to be viewed by either 3 or 1 letter abbreviation.
  11. User modifications of the data (user edits) now work correctly.
  12. Printed and copied UA Charts now include the current date under the copyright notice.
  13. Works with all versions of AmiBroker.
  14. Roll/Delist report now reports recent rolls as well as predicted rolls.
  15. Current contract round-to-the-nearest-tick for ED #141 and #269 now works correctly.
  16. The Change Format menu option in the right-click menu for the portfolio now works correctly when you choose the Excel format.
  17. The DB no longer has a problem with the cash stop dates so the DB Integrity search no longer find problems such as “Deliverable has different stop 20070402 vs 20070326 for 54/0”.