Market Data Unfair Advantage Posting Status Robert 2016

UA version 2.10.3

No Longer Available

First Listed: 5/24/2007
Released: 6/13/2007

Known problems (Not fixed in this version)

  1. Creating large portfolios in MS Format is very time consuming relative to the compatible CSIM format.
  2. Ascii Field U (unadjusted close) doesn’t work in the Excel format.
  3. Individual Future Groups may not work correctly is contracts have existed for less than 3 months and the uncompressed database is used.
  4. History Refresh fails if option type is not specified.
  5. The enumerate subdirectory CSI cascade method always creates a new file.
  6. Installer does not install the correct vendor portfolio in many situations.
  7. History files which cannot be appended or onwhich “Rewrite on Next Distribution” has been flagged are not updated unless they are an Individual Future Groups.
  8. When symbols are changed in the portfolio, sometimes the old output files are not deleted.
  9. Color selection for User Edits and Delayed Quotes are respected in the chart table, but not in the chart.
  10. Correlation Charts which are computed on a walking-forward basis are not as numerically accurate as full period computations.
  11. OLE API property UA.NumContracts is not set. Use return of BuildContractList instead.
  12. History Refresh does not works correctly for stocks.
  13. The API function RetrievePerpetualContract does not work.

Program Changes

  1. Uncompressed database consolidates on the correct schedule.
  2. There is no division by zero error when downloading.
  3. The Quick Pick Study combo box is now correctly sized on charts.
  4. The data series dialog has more of a delay between the typing of the symbol and the lookup of the contract months to make typing easier.
  5. Missing databases are no longer reported in the Database Integrity Search.
  6. API access with filled-in holidays now works correctly.
  7. API can now initiate a DB Integrity Search.
  8. Most loading exceptions are now handled automatically when UA is opened through the API.