Market Data Unfair Advantage Posting Status Robert 2016

UA version 2.10.4

No longer available.

First Listed: 6/13/2007
Released: 8/8/2007

Known problems (Not fixed in this version)

  1. Creating large portfolios in MS Format is very time consuming relative to the compatible CSIM format.
  2. CSIM and MS format do not work. Error messages about snprintf_ss, strcpy_ss, and strcat_ss.
  3. Excel format column M for name procedues an error.
  4. Monthly, Quarterly, and Semi-Annual charts do not correctly date holidays.
  5. Lookup of Stock symbols fails to find symbol.
  6. The “Selecting Data Series” dialog can result in the wrong symbol being used if you press enter too quickly after changing the symbol.
  7. The API functions RetrievePerpetualContract, RetrieveNearestFutures, and RetrieveNthNearestFuture do not work.
  8. The Data Series Editor cannot handle options data correctly.
  9. Market Scanner does not accept lists of symbols.
  10. Market Scanner does not accept stock index component lists.
  11. Delayed Quotation feature does not work.
  12. Changes to Study Templates do not save.
  13. Selecting the cash delivery month from the delivery month list in the Data Series Form does not work. Use the Cash tab instead.

Program Changes

  1. Ascii Field U (unadjusted close) works in the Excel format.
  2. Improved handling of Individual Futures Groups when the uncompressed database is employed.
  3. History Refresh now downloads all option types if not specified.
  4. The enumerate subdirectory CSI cascade method now updates correctly.
  5. The installer installs the selected portfolio correctly.
  6. History files which cannot be appended or onwhich “Rewrite on Next Distribution” has been flagged are updated correctly.
  7. When symbols are changed in the portfolio, the old output files are correctly deleted.
  8. Color selection for User Edits and Delayed Quotes are respected in the chart and it’s table.
  9. Correlation Charts which are computed on a walking-forward basis are computed more accurately.
  10. Cash field in exported files is now populated when requested for cash-only series as well as futures series.
  11. Added a Market Specs column to identify the type of data in the Close field.
  12. OLE API property UA.NumContracts is now correctly set.
  13. History Refresh for stocks now works correctly.