Market Data Unfair Advantage Posting Status Robert 2016

UA version 2.10.6

No Longer Available.

First Listed: 10/1/2007
Released: 1/8/2008
Updated: 2/9/2008

Known problems (Not fixed in this version)

  1. Creating large portfolios in MS Format is very time consuming relative to the compatible CSIM format.

Program Changes

  1. The None and All boxes in the Data Series Form now work correctly.
  2. The Database Usage box in the lower left corner of UA now more accurately reflects usage.
  3. Market Scanner menu item Analysis -> Insert From Favorites now works.
  4. Interpreted studies now work in the Market Scanner.
  5. Importing stock lists and importing symbols for the Market Scanner are now more efficient.
  6. The Last Roll Date and Previous Contract are now correctly updated in the Portfolio Manager after an update.
  7. CSIM format works correctly.
  8. Excel format column M for name now works correctly.
  9. Monthly, Quarterly, and Semi-Annual charts now correctly handle holidays.
  10. Stock symbol lookup works correctly.
  11. Where Is UA now successfully changes the UA operating directory under Vista.
  12. The “Selecting Data Series” dialog works correctly.
  13. API request RetrievePerpetualContract, RetrieveNearestFutures, and RetrieveNthNearestFuture now works correctly.
  14. Data series editor now correctly handle option requests.
  15. Market Scanner correctly handles symbol lists and stock index component lists.
  16. Delayed Quotation feature again works.
  17. The Study Templates are now correctly saved.
  18. Selecting the cash delivery month from the delivery month list in the Data Series Form now works.
  19. Excluding default delivery months now saves selections during Portfolio item editing.
  20. ASCII output of Option data repaired.
  21. IFG Charting skips to next available contract if nearest has not traded.
    Build 23 ( 1/25/2008 )
  22. CRB format Filenames using PRN (stk 56614), COM1, …, NUL, LPT1, …, AUX are now avoided as it conflicts with reserved Windows standard output.
  23. Change the Perpetual roll month default from 1 to 0.
  24. RetrieveNearestFuture API call now works.
    Build 25 ( 2/8/2008 )
  25. Vendor Portfolio Download no longer quits when encountering an entry that is not allowed within the clients account.
  26. Vendor Portfolio Download no longer quits when trying to sort an empty portfolio.
  27. Stocks are no longer falsely identified as delisted in certain cases.
  28. Consolidation procedure certification re-enforced
  29. AmiBroker export now offers exporting of stocks specified in your portfolio, also provides market name and market exchange.
  30. Market Scanner column sorting of Code Editor Analysis results now working.
    Build 29 ( 3/6/2008 )
  31. Portfolio list sorting corrected
  32. Exchange expansion enabled
  33. AMI Broker export limitations lifted