Market Data Unfair Advantage Posting Status Robert 2016

Unfair Advantage build x.112 available

Unfair Advantage x.112 build


  • Now provides easier multi-selection of contracts and markets.
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  • Now provides market symbol linking to extend history by linking one symbol with another.
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  • Now provides contract expiry calculations from a specific date of the month with offsets.
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  • No long fails when editing a portfolio entry that has a chart displayed.
  • Study scaling has been improved to handle currencies.
  • MACD now has histogram.
  • New XML fields in API for GetSubscriberMarket and GetSubscriberContract indicating the date of a correction or adjustment, as well as an update.
  • New API property that provides Average Annual Volume for futures. ( Property: AvgAnnualVolume )
  • Historical adjustments are now applied to futures options.
  • Provides for the ability to have futures settlement prices placed in Electronic market records. 
    This setting is located in Preferences – Historical Adjustments.