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Unfair Advantage Version 2.10.8 Upgrade Available

Release Date: September 16, 2014
Last Updated: February 16, 2018 (Release BETA RELEASE)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Do NOT uninstall your current UA for this upgrade.
If you do, UA will no longer be usable, and a full reinstallation will be required.

Click here to download the BETA upgrade file, then install over your current version.

Click here to download the last stable upgrade file (Build 384), then install over your current version.

Features include:

Click here for prior Build change reports
Build 408:

    • For customers who use the Excel format, UA now provides the option to use a newer Excel OLEDB driver that replaces the old one that has recently been disrupted by a Microsoft Security Update for users of Windows 7 and above only.  Windows XP users do not need to use this new feature.

To use this, change the Excel File Driver Provider setting in the Data Distribution 1 section within UA Preferences from Microsoft.Jet.OLEB.4.0 to Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0.
The Install Driver Upgrades button below this selection with then be enabled. Press this button to have the new Excel Driver installed onto your machine. When this is done installing, you will be prompted of it’s success. Click OK and proceed to update your database as normal. Your Excel files should then properly contain your data, just as before this incident occurred.

Build 411-414:

  • Excel files are now appendable when using the Format As Excel Dates option in the ASCII/Excel Fields Layout section of UA. You must make sure that you specify and match the Excel Date format you are using in Excel, with the Date Format and Separator controls in the ASCII/Excel Fields Layout section in order for this to work right. For Example: If your dates in Excel are formatted in DD/MM/YYYY format in Excel, select those options in UA. This Excel format is generally specified in your computers Regional Settings within Control Panel. Previously, these files were being slowly rewritten every time you updated.
  • COT data now includes Average Volume and OI for the term in the Total Volume and Total Open Interest fields. 3 new COT Oscillators have been added that use these values:
    • COT Large Speculator Oscillator
    • COT Commercial Oscillator
    • COT Small Trader Oscillator

Build 419-421:

  • Excel file driver installation button Install Driver Upgrades has been added to Preferences > Data Distribution 1 page. See Build 408 above for instruction details.
  • The Transfer Settlement Prices to Electronic Markets feature has been reworked to now accurately use the Settlement Prices when calculating offsets during rolls. Market names and table columns are changed to reflect Settlement, replacing Last Trade labels, when this feature is in effect. The Last column in the chart tables still contain the Last Trade price of the market, for reference, but the Close, and the Unadjusted Close fields are derived from the Settlement prices.
  • New right-click menu in chart Table section for Display Values w/ Maximal Precision, for turning this feature on and off without having to go into Preference or Portfolio settings.
  • Expiry Dates can now be formatted using the Excel Date format which corresponds to your system regional settings. Enable this on the ASCII/Excel Fields section within Edit Portfolio.
  • CSI Format can now accommodate 9,999 files in one directory for use with software that can read it, such as Delta Graphics. Find this new setting on the Portfolio Settings CSI Format section.
  • With Build 420, the Excel File Driver installs are downloaded only when requested.
  • With Build 421, rolling by days from the End of the Month now correctly handles situations where
    the last day, or last 2 days of the month land on a weekend. Rolls occur before the end of the month, not after, when specifying to roll on the last day of the month ( typically used with 1 Month Prior ).
  • With Build 422, Holidays are accounted for when they land on the last day of the month, or between the last day, and the number of calendar days, or trading days back from the end of the month.

Build 441:

  • A new switch has been added to command the software whether to Delete Dropped Symbol Files from the directory that contains all files within any given Stock Index Component portfolio, when  symbol(s) are dropped from an index during the monthly update cycle.
  • 2 new ASCII/Excel export fields have been added, % and ^ which provide Price Change, and Percent Price Change.   This works with Daily, Weekly, Monthly periods.
  • Tradestation compatible attributes and header formatting has been corrected.
  • Calendars have been added to the Collection Date entry in Preferences, and to the Internet Download interface.  Click on it to suspend the download, and change the date to a previous day to back date the download.
Build 450:

Unfair Advantage Build x.125 available

Release Date: December 20, 2013
Last Updated: June 26, 2014 (Release x.125.657)

Click here to download the upgrade file, then install over your current version.

Features include:

  • Backadjusting Raise Negative Series feature now correctly operates with Dividend Adjusted Stocks / Mutual Funds
  • Selecting Chart tabs now correctly activates associated chart when windows are Tiled or Cascaded
  • Charts saved to files are now opened using filename in the tab, and are no longer over written by dynamic chart saved settings
  • Security issues when using the API with Option only accounts have been resolved
  • Roll Days Before Expiration now allows a setting of 0, to roll on the expiration day
  • Expiry Rule Settings are preserved
  • Roll By Days Before Expiration more precisely rolls on the number of days specified for Nth Nearest Future ( before it rolled 1 day later )
  • Horizontal scrollbar added to the Portfolio Manager
  • Walk Forward Detection disabled when rolling by Date, or Strictly By Days Before Expiration, as it is unnecessary
  • Directory editing w/ autofill in Portfolio Settings dialog has been improved to avoid inadvertent renaming of the target directory when specifying the desired path while editing
  • P/L Trendline charting tool addition
  • Advanced Adjuster now supports rolling strictly on trading days before expiration
  • Excel field formatting now supports use of native Date Type
  • Copy Table Results and Save Table Results To File implemented in Market Spec FactSheet
  • New ASCII/EXCEL field specifier for Industry Group – ‘y’
  • New ASCII/EXCEL field specifier for Enterprise Value (EV) – ‘0’
  • Handles database syncronization when triggered by start date changes
  • Copy/Paste of selected items with a portfolio implemented in the Portfolio Manager
  • New scheduled Portfolio backup feature
  • Copy Portfolio to new portfolio now supports Period and Format selection changes
  • Import Portfolio now supports Period and Format option changes on all or some portfolios
  • Export Portfolio interface has been enhanced to support selecting which portfolios to export
  • Import Ascii file interface has been enhanced to support many different fields, and sequences
  • Find in portfolio button has been added to Portfolio Manager
  • Smarter Portfolio Manager handling of ASCII export file period changes, and multiple selection changes
  • Improved Portfolio corruption error handling
  • Charts now provides controls to easily change the years of history to view
  • Charts can now have future blank records added to them all
  • Chart annotations editor has been enhanced, annotation drag and drop supported
  • Charting objects are saved for re-display
  • Errors encountered with Charting templates have been corrected
  • Holidays can now be removed from charts
  • Preference setting sections have been consolidated
  • ASCII export field electives added for Expiry Date (X), Sector (s), Units of Measure (/)
  • Sector added to search elective in Market Spec Fact sheet
  • Search By setting is preserved in the Market Spec  Fact sheet
  • North American and World ETF tabs have been added to the Market Spec Fact sheet
  • OTC Exchanges have been broken out into NASDAQ Cap exchanges, and OTC Pink sheet exchanges
  • Perpetuals Contracts are now included in the Continuous Contract Roll Schedule Report
  • Continuous Contract Roll Schedule Report has been enhanced, and is now exportable to Excel
  • Continuous Contract Roll Schedule Report now specifies days past roll date, & whether next contract is trading
  • Continuous Contracts can now use generic ASCII file names instead of method coded names
  • Gaps in Back Adjusted contracts rolling on OI handled when OI is 0 in all contracts (JTI,JY,LRC specifically)
  • Market Scanner now features Data Download and Market Spec Fact sheet
  • EZ Downloader now supports Excel format
  • Continuous contracts of the same market, but with different settings, can now coexist in the same portfolio
  • Nth Nearest Futures Contract can now roll on Vol or Oi
  • Errant COM connection message eliminated when closing UA after using the API from Excel.
  • Portfolios can now share the same directory, with caution ( Avoid duplicate symbol/contract entries with the same file format ).
  • New chart controls to select different periods and time frames from the toolbar.
  • Stock Fundamental Market Capital export field no longer includes an ‘M’, millions are implied and noted in the field description.
  • Market Spec Factsheet organization improved.  Last pricing is more effeciently captured for stocks.
  • Add Blank Records to All Charts has been replaced by ‘Expand Right Margin to All Charts’ which adds a constant fixed space rather than only spacing when viewing the end of each data series.
  • Allows weekends to be added to charts, as well as export files.
  • New slide rule chart can be resized, and scrolled when grabbed by the mouse.
New Perpetual Contract features:
  • OI Weighted Perpetual now supports limiting the # of monthsto  include, an option to roll forward on Open Interest, Roll Days Before Expiry, and Confirmation Trigger
  • A new Index Component which blends the actual contracts together over a 5 day period. This Nearest Future Contract splices contract pricing together over a specified time window using percentages determined by the size of this window. It resembles the sub-Indices used by the Dow Jones-USB Commodity Index.
  • A new Proportional Liquidity Contract, an Open Interest Weighted Contract that measures contract liquidity over the span of the life of the market by weighting the price differences per day with Open Interest across specified contracts.

Click here to download the upgrade file, then install over your current version.


Unfair Advantage Build x.124 available

  • UA now skips to it’s secondary server when primary server is down, as well as when busy serving other customers.
  • UA now accommodates an extension to the Nth Nearest Futures contract, enabling to look up to 36 contract months out.
  • Nth Nearest Contract now correctly rolls a day earlier, on the day of trigger, when rolling on Volume.
  • New, easier access to Backadjust overrides from right click table menu, and on the Data Series Dialog >> More section.
  • Duplicate contract selections have been removed from Backadjust override interface.
  • CSIM and MetaStock mix of formats disallowed in same portfolio.
  • Generate Foward continuous contract option has been renamed to Walk Forward Detection to better describe it’s purpose.
  • UA now provides the ability to add multiple blank records to all charts by setting a global value in the Charting Preferences section


Click here to download the upgrade file, then install over your current version.


Unfair Advantage build x.123 available

  • Now compliant with AmiBroker 5.6
  • Now exports Nearest Futures Group contracts to AmiBroker
  • UA no longer closes AmiBroker after opening it for an update.
  • UA now allows data from chart to be saved to an ASCII file off the right click menu.
  • Allows same markets with differing periods to coexist in same portfolio (ASCII only)
  • Allows same markets with differing setting to coexist in same portfolio (ASCII only)
  • Correctly updates option strike pricing in export files.
  • Catalogs Nearest Future Groups in Portfolio Manager with more detail.
  • Handles initial scroll position with Seasonal study correctly.
  • Now computes # of days traded per year on average in Seasonal Study sampling window, using more than 251 when available.
  • API RetrieveContact(…) and RetrieveSnapshot(…) correctly returns data for Linked markets when a date range is specified.
  • API FindMarketNumber() now filters out exchanges that are not contained in customer’s subscription.
  • Improved performance of CSI’s Factsheet search viewer.
  • Chart Studies are now editable after applying to charts when clicking “e”.
  • Stock Fundamental data is now available in the factsheet and exportable through ASCII data files.

Click here to download UA build 123

Unfair Advantage build x.120 available


  • New chart rendoring methods to eliminate flicker.
  • New contract roll indicators with show/hide feature.
  • Holidays now report on holiday downloads, instead of after the fact, when the next day is appended.
  • Added new stock factsheet tab to isolate delisted stocks.
  • Added a new column to express Exchange Traded Symbols in FactSheet. Many are filled, many are not, if you’d like to offer some you know that are missed, we will gladly have them tranmitted.
  • Chart tab synchronization bug no longer exists where editing a charts portfolio entry sometimes confused the ordering.
  • Tested and corrected what we believe to be all the possibile expiry rules.
  • New roll strategy operates properly with Volume/OI roll timing.
  • Added Roll Aligned w/ Data to Nth Nearest Future Contract.
  • Forced a no “merge on contracts” where not appropriate in the Symbol Linker.
  • Add Chart Series dialog remembers last usage settings.
  • Unadjusted Close is now correctly expressed in holiday records when previous close is disignated.
  • Online Help and Remote Support is utilized from Help menu
  • Date Format control which formats ASCII and EXCEL export file dates, and chart tabled dates.
  • Weekends can be inserted into exported ASCII files, and filled in the same way Holidays are. (Portfolio Preferences > Ascii Misc > Handle a Weekend)
  • Edit Portfolio Settings Button added to Portfolio Manager Button Cluster. Portfolio Start and Stop dates can be specified in Edit Portfolio Settings.

Expiration Rule editor:

You can express a new expiration rule, and then check the dates in the Advanced section that are generated based on the rule. Last Business Day for instance….Check the dates against your Calendar. Also, build a back adjust contract, rolling on Date – 31 days from Start, 0 months prior. This will force it to roll on the expiration dates generated by the rule back throughout history.
In practice, Customers can use this rule to base the Days before Expiration on in OI rolling schemes, using these custom expirations, that can now express First Notice Days, instead of the default Last Trading Days, which will help them to roll earlier in the cycle.

Symbol Linker:

This one is less complex to test. The main change is to link Electronic markets with Floor pit Symbols for back-testing, and command them to link when the Electronic Volume surpasses the Floor volume, or when the Electronic Open Interest surpasses the Floor’s Open Interest, or when both conditions are met.

Examples to test:
C > ZC
S > ZS
W > ZW

Stocks, LME forward contracts, and FOREX markets can be linked too:

Be careful with these as they cannot be linked with futures, we can’t mesh a backadjust contract with a single continuous forward contract series ( at this time ).
An editable adjustment value has been added to multiply or divide the source symbols data to match it against the target.

Examples for this are:

A factor of 0.1 is needed to match pricing (this is located in the source symbol area of the interface).

API properties added:

However there is a new property:
HolidayDOW – By default, UA now uses an ‘8’ to signify a holiday, to match documentation. This property can be set to -1 to have the DOW expressed, or 0 for 8 (default).
IncludeWeekends – adds records for saturday and sunday, defaults to 0 pricing.
UseExpiryRule – specifies whether to use user defined expiration rules when rolling continuous contracts.
RollByPercentage – Allows OI and/or Volume rolling to use a 50 – 100% comparison when rolling continuous contracts.
MinMnthsFwd – Specifies the nearest minimum month forward to view when rolling continuous contracts.
MaxMnthsFwd – Specifies the nearest maximum month forward to view when rolling continuous contracts.

A NEW backadjusted strategy

has been employed in the representative price calculation, and is described as follows:

Close new – Close Old Same Day, Roll Day Adjusted (preferred)
-Here the close of the new lead contract is compared with the same-day close of the former lead contract and the price difference is applied to all historical data including the date record of the contract change.New Close to Old Close difference is applied to all price fields, (Open, High, Low and Close) existing at the time of the Roll timing event. This pricing adjustment allows the new contract prices for the next record to be, seamlessly appended to earlier data without any contract pricing gaps. It also preserves the pricing relationships of all prices prior to the Close on the day of the roll by allowing for the execution of the roll during the trading session on the day identified as the roll day.


NEW – Close new – Close old Same Day, Roll Day Adjusted
Future #552 EBL0_IAB: Back-Adjusted of Euro German Bund-EUREX Daily,
Aligned w/ Data
20111205, 201112, 135.59, 135.64, 134.30, 135.06, 134.82, 0.00, 1008541, 519565
20111206, 201203, 134.61, 135.22, 134.28, 135.02, 135.02, 0.00, 733139, 808290
When Known
20111206, 201112, 134.66, 135.27, 134.33, 135.07, 134.78, 0.00, 1163067, 282129
20111207, 201203, 134.94, 136.21, 134.61, 135.80, 135.80, 0.00, 867432, 845828
When Lagged
20111207, 201112, 135.91, 137.18, 135.58, 136.77, 135.51, 0.00, 421000, 12453
20111208, 201203, 136.78, 136.99, 136.49, 136.82, 136.82, 0.00, 673339, 842290

OLD – Close new Close old Same Day
Align w/ Data
20111206, 201112, 134.61, 135.22, 134.28, 135.02, 134.78, 0.00, 1163067, 282129
20111207, 201203, 134.81, 136.21, 134.54, 135.80, 135.80, 0.00, 867432, 845828
When Known
20111207, 201112, 134.94, 136.21, 134.61, 135.80, 135.51, 0.00, 421000, 12453
20111208, 201203, 135.74, 137.00, 135.18, 136.82, 136.82, 0.00, 673339, 842290
When Lagged ( same as when known… )
20111207, 201112, 134.94, 136.21, 134.61, 135.80, 135.51, 0.00, 421000, 12453
20111208, 201203, 135.74, 137.00, 135.18, 136.82, 136.82, 0.00, 673339, 842290

Click here to download build .120

Unfair Advantage build x.119 available


  • # for CSI number has been added to ASCII file name mask
  • M for MetaStock Short Name has been added to ASCII file name mask
  • New Backadjuster settings for specifying Minimum and Maximum Months Forward to use when selecting candidate contracts.
  • Nth Nearest Future settings for specifying Minimum and Maximum Months Forward to use when selecting candidate contracts.
  • Contract Expiry Rules now include a “LAST” option when specifying Week prerequisite to the day of week of expiration.  This handles days in the 4th week that sometimes land in the 5th. ( example SIN June 2011: Last Thu = June 30th [5th thursday] )
  • Importing symbol lists now succeeds to update when importing from directory other than ua root.
  • FindMarketNumber API call now always returns most recent symbol where duplicates exist. ( example: Stock Symbols for MEE were out of order according to CSI # )
  • ASCII Stock file names may now include name so delisted and active stocks with the same symbols can be written to same directories during export.
  • Stock Factsheet Fundamental Data columns have been modified to receive forthcoming data to be released soon.

Unfair Advantage build x.118 available

Unfair Advantage x.118 build


  • Unadjusted Closing prices now incorporate Historical Adjustments that affect price precision.
  • Database Integrity Search errors handled.
  • Historical Contracts in protfolios are no longer rewritten when corrections are received for unassociated contracts.
  • Charts no longer freeze when added to Charts Portfolio.
  • New backadjust option for Representative Prices: Close Old Contract, Close New Contract Next Day ( formerly Close Old Contract, Close New Contract Same Day ).
  • Supports AmiBroker 64-bit Version ( must not coexist with 32-bit version .
  • Bureau of Labor, Federal Reserve, Construction Spending, Personal Income Data now updating properly.

Click here to download build 118.

Need help with the installation? Click here.

Unfair Advantage build x.117 available

Unfair Advantage x.117 build


  • Amibroker Portfolio Exporting bug corrected. 
  • CSIM/MetaStock file management deletion bug corrected.
  • Perpetuals can now be set to look forward up to 15 months out.
  • New contract rolling schedule located off the Portfolio menu.
  • Fortran Back-Adjuster now strips out reconciling records that trail expiry.
  • Markets with only options are identified in the factsheet’s last date field, where as the previous version would display a -1.
  • Rolling by Date with representative prices set to Close Old Contract, Close New Contract same day now uses the close of the new contract in the close of the day before the roll.
    This change was done to match the results of the Fortran Back-Adjuster, which handles this in a more correct way.

    When backadjusting ED

    The close value of the backadjusted file on 31st Jan should be = Sep 11 close = 99.480.
    The old adjuster does this correctly, the C++ adjuster gives a value of 99.465.
    Future #141 ED_5320B: Back-Adjusted of Eurodollar-3 Mth-Globex-(Floor+Electronic) 

    Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec
    1 day before the end of month
    5 months prior

    20110131, 201106, 99.475, 99.480, 99.455, 99.465,
    20110201, 201109, 99.485, 99.485, 99.455, 99.465,

    20110131, 201106, 99.490, 99.495, 99.470, 99.480,
    20110201, 201109, 99.485, 99.485, 99.455, 99.465,

    Here are the closes of the NEW 201109 contract

    20110131, 201109, 99.500, 99.505, 99.475, 99.480,  (< now used )
    20110201, 201109, 99.485, 99.485, 99.455, 99.465, (< was used  )

    It now uses the close for the Sep 11 on the 31st, not the close on the 1st.
    It was duplicating the close over those 2 days.

Click here to download build 117.
Need help with the installation? Click here.

Unfair Advantage build x.116 available

Unfair Advantage x.116c build


  • New Back-Adjuster option to roll on a percent of the nearest Open Interest and/or Volume.
  • Also available for use with the Nth Nearest Future Contract.
  • Rolling on Open Interest and/or Volume is now limited to the next nearest year forward.
  • New historical database portfolio builder.

Unfair Advantage build x.115 available

Unfair Advantage x.115 build


  • COT mapping to all symbols more comprehensive.
  • Gann Contract’s previous contract specification is corrected.
  • Reseting of Days before expiration has been fixed.
  • MNI9 LME Nickel 3 mnth 24hr adjusted against British Pound prior to 19880201.
  • Factsheet improvements with Last Price, Percent Change, Last Date and Volume options.
  • Unadjusted Settlement or Last Trade included in Continuous Computed Contract Data tables.
  • Unadjusted Settlement or Last Trade field delivered through API has integrity ensured.
  • Unadjusted Close included in Split and/or Dividend adjusted Stock Data tables.
  • Stock Index Component Markets are now available.