Market Data Unfair Advantage Posting Status Robert Pelletier 1933-2016

Unfair Advantage build x.114 available (only Beta testing)

Unfair Advantage x.114 build was not released.

Unfair Advantage build x.113 available

Unfair Advantage x.113 build


  • Market Speed Indicator added.
  • Fast Studies now incorporated into Market Scanner table.
  • New API Property: ContractExpiryDate

Unfair Advantage build x.112 available

Unfair Advantage x.112 build


  • Now provides easier multi-selection of contracts and markets.
    Click here to learn more.
  • Now provides market symbol linking to extend history by linking one symbol with another.
    Click here to learn more.
  • Now provides contract expiry calculations from a specific date of the month with offsets.
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  • No long fails when editing a portfolio entry that has a chart displayed.
  • Study scaling has been improved to handle currencies.
  • MACD now has histogram.
  • New XML fields in API for GetSubscriberMarket and GetSubscriberContract indicating the date of a correction or adjustment, as well as an update.
  • New API property that provides Average Annual Volume for futures. ( Property: AvgAnnualVolume )
  • Historical adjustments are now applied to futures options.
  • Provides for the ability to have futures settlement prices placed in Electronic market records. 
    This setting is located in Preferences – Historical Adjustments.

Unfair Advantage build x.111 available

Unfair Advantage x.111 build


  • Includes Contract expiration date rule editor for use with Backadjusted and Nearest Futures continuous contracts.
  • EZDownloader now has release scheduler.
  • EZDownlaoder now has an API and can be called from scripts.
  • Tiled windows no longer revert to maximized when closing one of the charts.
  • Stock Factsheet now includes last price and percent change.
  • Tables properly refresh after database refresh.
  • Deletion of charting objects has been implemented.

Unfair Advantage build x.110 available

Unfair Advantage x.110 build


  • “Connection Refused” message is now written to a log file instead of a visual prompt.

Unfair Advantage build x.109 available

Unfair Advantage x.109e build


  • Now compatible with AmiBroker 5.30. Make certain your UA’s AmiBroker Preferences have the database path specified correctly in case you’ve installed your new AmiBroker version to Program Files\AmiBroker5.3\.
  • Split, Dividend Adjusted Exports to AmiBroker are ensured. Please make certain to select:
    UA Preferences -> AmiBroker -> Refresh history with next download and update thereafter. [x]
  • AmiBroker appending has been enhanced for efficiency while maintaining accuracy, where corrections and/or split, dividend and capital gain events are still considered when updating Ami’s database.
  • New setting in Preferences Market Specs to prompt, or suppress refresh prompt when new market databases are added to our roster of available market data.
  • Study templates with multiple indicators now retain custom parameters and charting pane placement. 
  • Drag and drop indicators now recognize charting pane placement.

Unfair Advantage build x.108 available

Unfair Advantage x.108 build


  • Excel formatter no longer rounds incorrectly when writing data in decimal format.

Unfair Advantage build x.107 available

Unfair Advantage x.107 build


  • Handles legacy fortran computed contract limit appropriately. ( for example, eliminates freeze when updating NaturalGas Nth Nearest Contracts when using legacy option )

Unfair Advantage build x.106 available

Unfair Advantage x.106 build


  • Updating time of portfolio exports has been signifantly reduced.
    (initial update will still take time, subsiquent updates are reduced by a factor of 4 or more )
  • Printing of the volume orientation has been corrected.
  • Better progress status when deleting portfolios.
  • Vantage Point Portfolios written with higher export file assignment integrity.
  • CRB format has been removed.
  • Intraday unqualified data inclusion in portfolios has been removed, although charting it remains.

Unfair Advantage build x.105 available

Unfair Advantage x.105 build


  • No longer refreshes files without first prompting.