Unfair Advantage
Keyword Index

Introduction to UA
Hardware Requirements
Communication Requirements
Internet Filters
Locked Database/Disk Termination
Using UA with 3rd-Party Software
Access Times & Frequency
Customer Support
Getting Started - Installation
Selecting the Version to install
Selecting The Install Directory
Choosing Database(s) To Install
Selecting The Portfolio To Install
Finishing the Installation
Guide For New Users
Launching Unfair Advantage
User ID and User Number
Getting Data
Data Distribution
News Headlines
Tomorrow's Newspaper
Error Corrections and Revisions
Navigating Through UA
Using the Online Manual
First Chart
Chart Properties
Chart Manipulations
Daily Report
Intraday Quotes
Viewing with 3rd-Party Software
Downloading Data
Getting Daily Updates
Getting Online
Requesting an Update
Download & Distribution Choices
Download Preferences
Download Method
General Collection Date
Internet Access
Customizing Internet Access
Regular Internet Access
Direct Dial Access
Customizing Direct Dial Settings
Regular Direct Dial Access
Browser Access
Regular Browser Updates
Customizing Browser Access
Getting Online
Get Data (Browser)
Save File (Browser)
Distribute Browser Update
Account Settings
User ID & Number
Access Rights
Data Distribution
Distribution Settings
Distribution 1
Distribution 2
Distribution 3
Advanced 1
Advanced 2
Advanced 3
Updating Export Format Files
UA Charts
Charting From a Portfolio
Charting From Market Specs
Creating New Charts
Stock, Fund & Index Charts
Stock Index Option Charts
Cash/Fwd/Fundamental Charts
Futures Charts
Normal Futures Charts
IFG - Individual Futures Group Charts
Nth Nearest Futures Charts
Back-Adjusted Charts
Cash Charts
Futures Option Charts
Perpetual Contract(R) Charts
Gann Contract Charts
Chart Interpretation & Manipulation
Interpreting a Chart
Adjusting Date Range on Screen
Tracker with Readout
Viewing Table Data
Editing Charts
Adding Days
Mark As Holiday
Adjusting Screens & Windows
Switching Charts
Save to Portfolio
My Studies
Using the Indicator Menu
Technical Indicator Descriptions
Using the Study Toolbar
Chart Tools
Removing Studies
Study Toolbar
Apply Study
Add Study
Brieses Commitments of Traders
Seasonal Index
Moving Average
At the Money Study
Add Interpreted Study
Edit Study
Chart Menu Overview
New Chart
Overlay Data Chart
Zoom In/Out
Study Toolbar (Chart Menu)
Apply Tool
Clear Study Template Selection
Clear Chart Tools/Annotation
Clear Studies From Chart
Clear Overlaid Studies
Change Data Series
Right-Click Menu
Display Volume
Display Open Interest
Display Cash
Bar Frequency
X Grid
Y Grid
Draw Over Y Scale
Display Bars As
Display in Currency
Display Full Contract Value
Display Values in Decimal
Display System Equity
Display System Entries and Exits
Prefer System Equity Scale
Logarithmic Y Scaling
Scale By Visible Portion Only
Overlaid Series Shares Right Scale
Save Current Zoom Level
Restore Zoom Level
Enlarge Price Range
Clear Enlarged Price Range
Change Color Scheme
Reset Color Scheme
Add Blank Records
Remove Trailing Holidays
View System Performance
View System Optimization Report
Change Data Series
Copy Image to Clipboard
Charting Preferences
Cash/Saturdays on Chart
Historical Adjustments
Aggregate Method on Charts
Displaying Data
Back-Adjusting Charts
Memory Cache Size
General UA Behavior 2
Interpreted Studies
Starting from Chart or Scan
Code Editor
Language Selection
Select Existing Study
Enter/Edit Program
Study Concepts
Study Input
Online Study Libraries
Sample Study Lists
Test & Debug Program
Optimizing a Study
Syntax/Study Examples
Study Example 1
Study Example 2
Study Example 3
Data Acquisition
Data Return
Place Order
AnyLanguage Guide
Your Portfolio
Tools for Portfolio Management
Portfolio Menu
Portfolio Manager Panel
Portfolio Pop-up Menu
Creating a Portfolio
Browsing for a Directory
Copying Portfolio Settings to New Portfolio
Copy Portfolio to New Portfolio
Importing a Portfolio
Download Latest Vendor Portfolio
Adding/Editing Files
Market Type
Contract Months to Include
Date Range
Portfolio Errors
Contract Selection
Stock Index Option
Normal Price Series
IFG (Indiv. Futures Group)
Nearest Future
Back Adjusted Contracts
Cash Contracts
Futures Options
Perpetual Contract(R) Data
Gann Data
File Export Preferences
Portfolio Selection
ASCII Format
CSI (QuickTrieve) Format
CSIM & MetaStock (MS) Formats
Post Processing
Custom Study
Manipulating Your Portfolio
Delete Portfolio and Files
Overwrite Portfolio with Backup Copy
Export (to Printer)
Rewrite File Immediately
Rewrite File on Next Distribution
Deleting Files
Chart (on Portfolio Menu)
Find in Portfolio
Print File List (Portfolio)
Reset Column Widths
Change Format
Change Period
Enable/Disable Portfolio
Properties of the Data Series
Editing Portfolio Settings
Back-Adjusting Settings
Optional Field Settings
General Settings
Aggregate Files
Historic Adjustments
Displaying Data
Settings Affecting CSI Format
CSI Format Directory Settings
CSI Format File Settings
Settings Affecting CSIM & MS Format
Volume and Open Interest
When Directory Is Full
Settings Affecting ASCII Format
ASCII Field Layout
ASCII File Names
Launching MarketScanner
MarketScanner Preferences
MarketScanner Charting
MarketScanner Wizard
Insert Fact or Heading
Insert Standard Indicator
Insert Indicator From List
Insert From Favorites
Insert Using Code Editor
Edit Study Column
Sorting MarketScan Results
Filtering Results
Form Rank
Deleting Rows
Deleting Columns
Exporting MarketScanner Results
Start Over
Save or Open a Layout
Accessing the MarketScan File
MarketScanner Tutorial
Adding Perl (Essay)
Emerging Market Tutorial
MarketScanner Menus
MarketScanner File Menu
MarketScanner Export Table Menu
MarketScanner Rows Menu
MarketScanner Table Headings Menu
MarketScanner Analysis Menu
MarketScanner Preferences Menu
MarketScanner Chart Menu
MarketScanner Help Menu
Scanning Right-Click Menu
MultiMarket Analyzer (MMA)
MMA Limitations for Trial Users
Launching UA's MMA
MMA Module Contents
MMA Introduction
MMA Choose Markets
MMA Choose Series
MMA Choose Lags
MMA View Correlation Coefficient
MMA Factor Analysis
MMA More on Factor Analysis
MMA Current Market Situation
MMA Historical Validation
MMA Developing A Strategy
MMA Balancing Spread Risk
MMA User's Glossary
MMA References
TSPE User's Overview
TSPE Introduction
In Search of a Sure Thing
Limitations for Trial Users
Getting Your P&L String Ready
Launching TSPE
Steps to TSPE Analysis
Steps to TSPE Analysis
Step 1 - Import & Define P&L
Selecting Data Import Method
Manual Data Input
Import ASCII File
Import TradeStation System Report
P&L Statistics
Contract Size Multiplier
Choose Commission & Slippage
Correct for Sample Size & Parameter Count
View Frequency Chart
Step 2 - Choose Your Goals
Profit & Time Targets
Probability of Marginal Performance
Goal Selection (Article)
Step 3 - TSPE Results
TSPE Chart
Estimated Capital Stake
TSPE Summary
TradeStation Example
TSPE User's Tutorial
A Walk-Through Example of TSPE
TSPE Assumptions
Launching TSPE
Entering Your Trading Record
Contract Size Multiplier
Choose Commission
Editing Sample Size & Parameters
Correcting For Input
Frequency of Profits and Losses
Choosing a Reasonable Goal
Understanding Probabilities
Show Capital Analysis
Choosing Capital Required
Position Manager
Launching Position Manager
Position Manager Screen
Create/Open Position List
Add/Delete Records
Import Records
View Positions
Deposits & Withdrawals
Updating Current Valuations
Refresh Prices
Settings for Position Manager
Send to UA's TSPE
View Yahoo/INO News
Position Manager's Limitations
Data Resources
History Refresh
Database Integrity Search
History Refresh Download
Market Specifications
Market Specs Example
Editing Market Specs
Market Specs Behavior
Market Specs Changes
Refreshing Market Specs
Managing Market Specs
Facts, Events & Exchanges
Alert Calendar
Event Calendar
Exchange List
Override Price Handling
Download Replacement Files
Data Release Schedule
View Posting Status
Essay on Computed Contracts
Editing the Database
Naming Conventions
Daily, Weekly & Monthly Files
Commitments of Traders Data
Mutual Fund Data
Preliminary Stock Data
Stock Symbol Changes
Daily Summary Report
Advance/Decline Report
Database Usage within UA
Third-Party Software
One-Button Updates
One-Button Update Partners
EZ Downloader
Delta Society Int'l
Delta Society Database
Delta Society Portfolio
Delta Society Download
Delta Society Portfolio Changes
Delta Society Special Settings
VantagePoint Portfolio Selection
Omega Research
Recommended Export File Format
Two-Character Symbols
TradeStation and TSPE
Opening UA Files in TradeStation
MetaStock Compatibility
MetaStock & CSIM Setup
MetaStock & CSIM File Specs
Special Considerations for MetaStock
Automatic Launch of MetaStock
CSI Format
File Specs
Programmers' Guide
Application Programming Int. API
Vendor Support
Launch 3rd Party Software
Writing Export Format Files
Initiating an Update Remotely
Amibroker Export
Software Maintenance
Display Tips at Startup
Check For New UA Version
Backing Up Your UA
Backup/Restore Portfolio
Backing Up The Database
Uninstalling & Reinstalling UA
Upgrading Your UA
Updating the Online Manual
Printer Settings
Windows Colors
Website Features
License Agreement
Market Specs
Technical Journals
Demo Version of UA
Ordering Unfair Advantage
Commercial Sales
Tomorrow's Newspaper Today
Viewing the Newspaper
Stock & Commodity Charts
Stocks by Exchange
Stocks by Sector
Commodities by Sector
Premium Service
Contact Information
Installation Issues
Downloading Issues
Tomorrow's Newspaper
Portfolio Issues
Analysis Issues
Data Integrity Issues
Software Issues
MarketScanner Issues
Debug Generator
File Menu
Portfolio Menu
Chart Menu
Database Menu
Trading Tools Menu
Window Menu
Help Menu
General Program Settings
Download Preferences Screens
Charting Preferences Screens
Windows Colors Preferences

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